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Sunday, December 31, 2017


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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

One of the two dominate DOE EM clean up contractors merges with engineering firm

Either CH2M or Fluor have most of the environmental remediation projects nationwide, and this could be indicative of broader consolidation in the industry.

Commander of the US Japan based forces dismissed.

This morning's news reported that the Commander of the US Pacific Fleet had flown to Japan to personally dismiss the Commander of the US Japan based forces. It took a few days for this to happen after the recent ship collision close to Singapore. The official statement indicated that this was the second incident and confidence in leadership had been lost.

Why does this story have any relevance to the NNSA? Contrast the US Navy response with that of LANS. When repeated failures happened at LANL, there were no firings at the top leadership ranks.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Upbeat talk

Janet makes news at LANL by declaring that UC will bid for the continuation of the M&O contract

For all of the lab employees that started under the UC system, this is welcome news to hear. She was not forthcoming in her talk about who else would be brought in to run the lab. As everyone that survived the LANS years knows, the choice of corporate partners is what determines the workplace quality. Last time around, UC was so desperate to hang on to the contract that they chose partners unwisely and the result didn't turn out well for the workforce. 

Now the most important questions are what has UC learned from this mistake and how are they positioned this time around to make a better choice? Janet avoided these issues in her upbeat talk, but the employees deserve to have clarity on what UC has planned to address the gaping failure that was LANS.

Janet was great!

  1. Janet Napolitano gave a speech at LANL today. UC is definitely putting in a bid no sure who they are partnering with but Janet was very positive it was great talk.

  2. Janet has charisma and showed us what leadership looks like. Most impressive was her honesty, explaining how when she entered the job she had only vague understanding of the role UC plays in Los Alamos, and how her thinking evolved. She did not pretend to be somebody she is not. She sees the big picture, and that's for sure. I guess a resume that includes governor, DHS secretary, and UC president stands for something. Stark contrast with your typical lab upper level management.

Monday, August 21, 2017

LANL employee survey results

LANL employee survey results have not yet been revealed. Rumor has it they are not good. I guess management doesn't know what to do

Anonymity poll

81% of you prefer anonymous posts and comments. So,  no change. 

Prospective Contractors Invited to Lab for Tour

"Prospective LANL Management Contractors Invited to Lab for Tour, Meetings"

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Bechtel & UC

If it wasn't for Bechtel, UC would have been gone 10 years ago. This is what we should blame them for.

Saturday, August 19, 2017


DOE has stated in various public forums that they want to move from a for profit model to a service oriented model. The for profit model seems to have failed so it seems reasonable to move to a more service oriented model such as found in PNNL, ANL, NIST, Fermi Lab, LBL, SLAC, BNL, NRL, NREL and so on. Why should the NNSA labs be different?

How competitive is LLNS as an employer?

In 2017, what attracts scientists and engineers to work and stay working for LLNS? Is it competitive pay, job security, benefits, interest in LLNL missions, other?

DOE moving away from for-profit lab management.

DOE has stated that they want to from from a for-profit model to a service model. The for profit model has failed at both labs. I you increase the fee you do not attract the best and brightest but the greediest and most corrupt. You also change the reason why someone would even want to manage the lab, is for money or the service to the nation. If it is for the money than how does that end, the manager will just see the lab as a way to make money and could care less about the country, it will act to maximize whatever money it can because it is managing the lab for money. If they could make big money selling the secrets to anyone who could pay and they if they could get away with it than of course they will do it, they want the money and that is why the want to mange the lab. The whole idea of a for-profit corrupts the whole culture and attracts exactly the wrong sort or characters. Norther New Mexico politicians only want the money and as much more as they can get and that is the only reason they want it to stay for profit at a high fee. I urge DOE to stand firm, the role of LANL is not to give money to Northern New Mexico, LANL serves the entire nation so do not endanger the entire nation just so some local politicians can get more money.

Will any competent contractors be willing to bid on LANL?

The indications are that several incompetent ones (UNM and UC come to mind) have signaled their intent to bid, and now would be a good time for DoE to make it worthwhile for competitive alternates.

Friday, August 18, 2017

When Charlie met Janet.

Topic for Janet when she and Charlie have their mutual admiration meeting:

Please provide a list of all tangible contributions that UC has made to operating LLNL and LANL in the past 25 years. For each one listed clearly indicate how it was specifically unique to the UC.

Other posters welcome to offer suggestions.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Hey moderators!

Hey moderators, if you want to persist in the inane rule about no comments on posts on this top post thread, why not just disable replies here? Your rule has never had any effect, and most times, people have plenty of time to read the relevant and cogent replies before you get around to (vindictively, it seems) deleting them. Understand the technical capabilities of a blog moderator? Or is Blogger just not set up to accommodate your whim? Just as a thought, how do multiple requests for new threads differ from comments on a single request? Why not just automatically make each new top post immediately a new thread? No need to sort comments. Just wondering. Actually, wondering about the need for moderators at all, except for profanity,which I believe is fairly automatic these days.

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